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I made a response to this, but unfortunately, tumblr has a way of eating up anything more than 10 lines long, and it got a little lost.  So, even though I’m not Hank, I thought I would make a full post explaining the science. 

To understand why it’s happening, though, I’m going to have to quickly explain to you what is happening first.

Hopefully we all know that animation (and film) is just a collection of images, flashed in quick succession.  The motion that we see, however, is pieced together in our brains, thanks to a thing called ‘persistence of vision’.

Persistence of Vision is caused by the lag in your brain.  Seriously.
That brief instant it takes for your brain to understand what it’s seeing is the reason you’re able to watch movies.  And we should be thankful for that brief instant.

Light comes into your eyeballs, and it’s crazy hectic data.  There’s so much stuff happening all the time everywhere.  And while our brains are good, they can’t process everything they’re seeing at light speed.  Everything we perceive through our retinas is just light, bouncing off other things.  We all know that, but it’s something we often forget.

The brain processes one instant of reality, then a snapshot of the next, and then the next, and so on, and pieces them together to create motion.

This is everything.  This is your entire reality.  The perception of instances blended together to form a delicious smoothy of senses.

For motion to be consistent, however, what it’s seeing needs to resemble what it was seeing the moment before.  For example, for objectX to look like it’s moving, it needs to mostly be where it was the microsecond before, but slightly not.

Basically, you need to think about those ol’ claymations kids make, where the lego slowly edges fowards.  You need to take that concept, and apply it to everything you’ve ever known and loved.

If objectX doesn’t overlap where it was before, it’ll look liked it appeared there out of nowhere or a whole new objectX.  This is when the illusion of movement is broken.  It doesn’t occur in live-action movies or reality as much, because it’s hard to break the illusion of reality when you’re in reality, whereas to create a realistic perception of reality, from nothing, on a screen?

Yeah, a little trickier.

In an industry setting, animators have to create at least 25 frames for every second of footage (FPS).  And sometimes, in that 25 frames, animators need to have something move so fast on a frame, that it doesn’t overlap its previous self.

Their solution, as you probably know, is to stretch and contort their object in a way that’s not dissimilar from motion blur with cameras.  Especially when you acknowledge that motion blur is everything that’s happening for that 1/25th of a second.

Again, a lot of this is common knowledge, but it’s a matter of how it all pieces together to work.

As you can see here, in figure A, the hotdogs are smoothly sliding out at a consistent speed, which means, if you were to mark each spot they were in every frame, the marks would make a straight line.

The intervals between each marking isn’t very much, because they’re moving quite slowly.  The hotdogs are mostly overlapping themselves between each frame.

Now remember that the illusion of movement is all in your brain, where it looks for something that resembled the instant before, and projects trajectory into your concious.

The only reason you’re able to reverse the flow of hotdogs is because they look so similar, and because it’s literally all in your head.

When you make yourself think the flow of hotdogs is going into this fine gentleman’s pants, you’re making yourself believe that, in one frame, hotdogX moves almost a whole hotdog length down, instead of only a little bit of a hotdog length up.

And because it’s almost a whole hotdog length down, in just one frame, the distance of the intervals along the hotdog’s trajectory increases, which means it travels more distance in the same amount of time. 

In that one instance of perceived reality (IPR)(Don’t use that anywhere serious, I just made that up), the hotdog moves 9 pixels, instead of 2 (approx.)(I’m not going to count them)

So, to summarize the answer to your question (aka TL:DR);

The reason why the ‘dogs fly into his pants faster is because your brain lag enables you to perceive motion through light  (it likes things that look the same).  And when things look the same, you can screw with your brain something hardcore. 
When you force your brain to see things at different intervals, it can change how you perceive them.


i need a shirt that says “if jesus were here he’d punch you in the face for being an asshole”

Hella stressed, guys. My boyfriend is going through a really rough time. Spent all weekend with him and his brothers. Their dad moved out and their mom is so broken up over it. Understandably. They’ve been married 19 years. I’ve been taking my meds regularly. Still feel like the scum of the earth sometimes. I have no energy to do anything at all. My room is a mess and I can’t bring myself to do homework at home. School is so fucking horrid. The band director is nuts and talks to us like we’re in third grade. My gov teacher is passive aggressive and commented on the online grade book that I seem to be behind in my schoolwork since I do other classes’ work during her class. Which has happened all of three times and NEVER during her lecture/notes. She’s vindictive and rude and has no sense of personal accountability for the fact that her teaching methods aren’t working. Clearly it’s just the class. We have photocopied books and she’s pulling questions from materials we don’t have, but I’m a fucking screw up so you know it’s justified. End rant.

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dont worry kiddo, when tumblr is telling you youre a piece of shit for existing as who you are, you can just log off and go back to your life of luxury 

okay kid

come here, i need to talk to you for a second

being white, cisgendered, and heterosexual does not mean you have never struggled or suffered or known hardship. obviously that’s not true, and obviously you can have a pretty shitty life and still be white, cisgendered, and heterosexual.

but here’s the thing: even if you have struggled or suffered or known hardship, you have never struggled or suffered or known hardship on the basis of your race, gender identity or sexual orientation. that doesn’t mean you’ve had it better or worse (though i would hazard you have had it better, since there are very few people who will outright murder you for being a fiscally challenged white kid). the word “privileged” doesn’t mean “materially wealthy” and it doesn’t apply universally. example: i’m white, and i’m cis, but im also queer and a woman and not that materially wealthy. this doesn’t mean i’m not privileged by my cis-ness and my whiteness. it also doesn’t mean that i don’t know the hardships that come along with being a queer woman without a lot of money. what it means is that i know certain hardships but i don’t know others — some of who i am entitles me to things that others do not or can not have, based on institutionalized systems of oppression of which i am inevitably a part. 

i understand that the word “privileged” carries certain connotations with it — material wealth, a carefree, happy-go-lucky lifestyle filled with candy and unicorns. but that’s not what privilege looks like. privilege is being able to go through life with the assumption that you will not be discriminated against for your race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. it’s being able to call the police or approach an authority figure without fear for your own safety. it’s being able to expect representation in all forms of media, and respect and understanding from your peers. “privilege” manifests in many, many ways, just as hardship does.

privilege doesn’t mean you have an easy life. it means you have certain attributes that give you an advantage over people who don’t. that isn’t your fault, and it isn’t something you need to feel guilty about having, but you need to be aware of it so that you aren’t ignorant to its affect on other people, and so that you’re aware of the fact that it is something special that you got and other people didn’t. your privilege comes at the cost of someone else. you didn’t ask for it, but that’s how it goes. you didn’t ask to be poor either, but that’s where you’re at — and do you think that someone with more money than you doesn’t have more power? more representation? more privilege?

being poor and living in an abusive household and being white, cis, and hetero are not things that are mutually exclusive. you can be all of those things. very few people are purely privileged. but thinking that you can’t be poor and possibly have advantages over someone who is a person of color, or trans, or queer is a mistake. that doesn’t mean you don’t have hard times. it doesn’t mean your struggles aren’t valid. but it does mean that they are not the struggles that other people have.

and that? is a privilege.















this is the third time this post has reminded me to take my meds

we’re all gonna die

dude i haven’t had any water today or taken my meds thank you for this post










Dining Etiquette Around The World, an infographic by Restaurant Choice

via Feel Design

are these relevant or clichés to you?

this is very interesting and fascinating. i know from personal experience as a korean also not to stick my chopsticks upright in rice because it resembles incense at a funeral and is considered to be an omen/bad luck

As a 50% Thai person, I can confirm the Thai part is accurate. Everyone at the table will negotiate a bunch of dishes to order and everyone will share. And don’t tip.

Yeah seriously I find it so weird that you go to a restaurant and you like select one thing you like and somebody else selects one they like and then you go eat and go away with no idea if you would’ve liked something else?

I didn’t realize using the fork to push food onto the spoon was a Thai thing; that’s also done in Malaysia and it frankly weirds me the hell out when I see people use their forks to scoop rice into their mouths, especially other Asians.

Altho I didn’t know you shouldn’t pass food using chopsticks in Japan; Japanese people must be appalled by Malaysian-Chinese, especially at big family dinners the parents are constantly dropping food onto kids’ plates whether or not said kids ask for it.

iirc, it was the thais through king mongkut (the one who introduced westernisation to thai society as a means to introduce ‘modernity’/reform) who first began adapting western culinary tools this way for their dishes, and I won’t be surprised this is how it got transmitted to the malay states probably from the north first.

and a much more sensible way than eating rice with a goddamn knife and fork! especially when it’s rice southeast/south asian style tht prefers grains to be separated rather than clumpy (which goes better with chopsticks)

All I have to say is, thank goodness for both the Indian and Thai food charts, which are close enough to how Malays eat. We too negotiate which dishes to order as a group and you eat a bit of everything. No tipping required.

Also, finally a food chart that recognises that eating with your hands is a perfectly valid option. Not just breads/naans/prata, but also rice.

As with Indian culture, it’s not acceptable for a Malay to eat with the left hand. You may get a pass if you’re using utensils, but don’t be surprised or upset if people give you judgey looks.

But if you’re eating with your hands, only the right hand is acceptable. This is non-negotiable. Lefties are expected to learn to eat with their right hand too. They can be lefties for any other aspect of their life, but only the right hand is acceptable for eating.

Reblogging for commentary. Also to add: if you think eating rice with your hands is uncouth, you have never met some of the older Malay-Malaysian women of my acquaintance. Their dexterity and grace make me goddamn envious (the ones from the southern Malaysian state of Johor eat the Johor variant of laksa with their hands ffs). 

The one on Japan is somewhat misleading because of the wording, though. You don’t pass food from a pair of chopsticks to another because it’s reminiscent of the Buddhist funeral ritual where, post-cremation, the bones of the deceased are passed from chopsticks to chopsticks (source).

Re the one on China: I seriously question the advice about belching. That’s never been seen as anything other than rude in polite company, in my experience. And finishing your food is totally fine! But the thing about digging through your food is absolutely correct - just don’t.


I like to think that this is when Ron decided not to ever worry about exams again.

#ronald weasley #why did you not complete your transfiguration homework? #well really professor #think about this #i could have been killed by voldemort last night #wingardium levYOLOsa


stuff you ask your mom:

  • mom where’s my towel
  • mom what do we eat for dinner
  • mom what time is it
  • mom where’s my phone
  • mom when do you come back
  • mom what day is it

stuff you ask your dad

  • dad where is mom



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Also, my wife is Kay, aka so go to her, my children. <3

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